Receive up to $20 from Blue Diamond

Not too long ago, it came to our attention that the "all natural" almond milk and nut thins from Blue Diamond actually had synthetic ingredients. This was disconcerting to those of us buying their products, believing that we were feeding our families organic. 

Well Good News, Folks!


The false advertising lawsuit has reached a settlement. 


You can read all about it HERE

If you do not have proof of purchase for the almond like milk or the not so nut thins, you can only claim $1 per carton of milk times 5 ($5.00) & $1 per box of thins times 5 ($5.00)

If you DO have proof of purchase then you can get $2.00 per carton of milk times 5 cartons ($10.00) & $2 per box of thins times 5 boxes  ($10.00) = $20.00!! (For me because I save all my receipts!)

Just a fyi - I paid $3.99 per carton of almond milk and almost as much for the nut thins. Getting back something is better than nothing!

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