Well Crap!!!! Updates, Sarcasm at my life.

I'm keeping my dot com.
As the date came closer, I just couldn't let it go. When you build something from the ground up, it's like your child.

Never mind the fact that I learned my dot com would be butchered!!! Especially this blog (and fb!!)

No one is giving away a dang brand new mobile home in exchange for a "like" and "share" on facebook!!!!

I just couldn't do it.

Then the big giveaway stalled when 3 small businesses refused to pay up before the giveaway. It seems they have worked with other bloggers who never made them pay?!! (not that I believed their bs!! I returned everyone their money. I was sick and in no mood to deal with it or scramble to find replacements.)
If it's not my side hustle, then I'm not giving you free advertising!!

I'm mean like that.
I've got bills to pay, food to buy, little (& elderly) humans  and pets to care for.
Last time I checked, you can't live on love.

So ... My side kick and I were talking about this blog last night ... We have decided to make a few changes, nothing major. You will have to wait and see 😎 .

(Just to clue you in) Finding my niche on here has not been easy for me. Sweeps & Giveaways only, cannot make this blog survive. It was fine when it was just a few friends and I made one post a day with a ton of links in each post. Not the best strategy for my analytics though.

I like giveaways, cooking (recipes), and reading (Books!!! I love books!!!) But since these three things are a turn off to sponsors, I'm going to change things up a bit.

 Of course we will always have giveaways, recipes and book reviews ... I'm just going to add a few niches for a more broad aspect.

As most of you know if you have friended me on fb, I'm sick. Not in the head but physically. I have kidney disease. I've suffered through excruciating pain when my right kidney decided to quit working. I've had countless surgeries, I'm in and out of the hospital so much, my insurance dropped me last year. Yay! Fun! <insert sarcasm>.
Yet I kept on working.
Right up until the day my doctor said " No More!!" Which was at the beginning of Summer or May!!! Heck, I can't remember. On top of all that (!!!!!!), I'm menopausal!!!

Really God??!!! Why do you hate me???!!!
There is really only two types of menopause.
 The first is the weepy, cry at the drop of a hat, sleep all the time, kind.
 The second is the angry at the world, could rip off heads and sh*t down throats, with severe insomnia, kind.
Guess what kind I have??
Clue - I'm getting almost no sleep.
Yeah. It sucks!!!!!
Honestly, another subject for another day. I could write a book.

So, because I love my readers 💜💜💜
I'm ending this post.
Or it could be that I need to stand in front of the air conditioner so this hot flash will pass quickly before anyone says "I'm cold".

This was the coolest day of Summer but I still need my A/C!!!

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