My 2 Latest Wins!!!

I know it's bad to count your chickens before they hatch but I'm so excited about my latest wins, I just have to brag.

Both of my latest wins were from blog contests (which I love love love to do).

The 1st win was from a 24 hour flash contest hosted by Frugal Family Tree. I saw it posted on my FB wall and clicked it within seconds of it being posted. I won 5 product coupons from Gorton's Seafood (We Love Gorton's Fish!! YAY!!), A branded spatula (can never have enough of those for some reason), Oven mitts and an apron. Awesome, Those are all things we can use.

That Contest started on May 16th and ended on May 17th, so I have not received my goodies yet, but I will be so happy when I do :) .

I love The Frugal Family Tree reviews and giveaways, so when you get a chance hop on over there and have a look around.


My 2nd win came from the Summer Splash Event/Giveaway Hop. The blog host I won from is Close to Home!!! We are super excited about this win. I got to choose from one of three young scientist kits, I chose the Kitchen Kit (It comes with a volcano!!) and we also got 3 Mira stainless steel containers, That's a win for me since I never have enough containers (where do they go??? They disappear like socks in the dryer). I'm excited about this win, not just for myself, but for my little ones who will be going into 1st grade this next school year. They love anything that has to do with science, nature or play doh. Fun times.

This Giveaway event started on May 14th and ended on May 27th. I have literally just received notice that I won, sent in my choice of young scientist kits along with my shipping info. It will be a nice summer surprise since my little ones like the mail truck almost as much as I do.

The blog Close to Home has some awesome DIY crafts and foodie recipes, 2 of my other favorite things to do in life. She recently posted a Strawberry Rhubarb Crisp recipe that I am dying to try. It sounds divine. Yummm. Don't Pass up looking around at this blog!!

Yes, I am happy with my wins. It feels so good to know that my efforts were not wasted. I try not to enter a contest/giveaway for something I cannot use. I have seen some contests where they want you to enter another contest for an entry on the one you are currently entering, and it will be something that I won't ever use (or know what to do with it). I'll pass on it.

The reason behind this is because I have won items that I had no use for. I won a roping chute last year. It was a $3,000 piece of equipment for a farm where they practice for rodeo's. Funny, huh? It presented me with a lot of problems and headaches. I ended up selling it for a fraction of what it was worth, just to get rid of it. Never again!! I learned my lesson. If I can't use it, my family can't use it, or a friend doesn't need it as a gift ... I'm not wasting my time by entering to win it.

But that's just me :)


  1. LOL the reason I think this is funny cause when I first started entering contests I entered all kinds. Ones for stuff to give to other, stuff I didnt really need , but I have won some really nice ones to. Saved me money of Christmas gifts for the grand kids.

  2. I to have won some nice giveaways. Now nothing.