The Fake Giveaways posted on Facebook

I think we have all seen those fake Giveaways on facebook. You know, the ones that are named
"Win a toyota 4 runner" or the "Win this mobile home". Those pages give the legitimate giveaways a bad name. 

They are clearly a scam, designed for the sole purpose of getting a bunch of LIKES so the owner of the page can change the name in a few months. The scam page is then sold or turned into a "click bait" page, then you have to worry about that link you click taking you to a phishing website.
I've been a victim of that crap too.
I can unlike a page, quick! Then I have to worry about cleaning my computer or devices.
However, there are plenty of 100% Legitimate Giveaways out there.
Websites where you can Win a Car or Win a house!
The websites that host these legit Giveaways are well established. They can afford to reward winners because they have sponsors and get tons of free advertisements from so many people participating.
I'm addicted to winning.
I love seeing my mail man, ups guy and fed ex lady.
I enter a lot of sweepstakes, contests and giveaways every day (except on Sunday).
My winnings, over the past 3 years, have been things like books, giftcards, makeup, clothes, a soda stream, a few tablets, a cell phone with 1 year service, a 2 year Netflix subscription, free product coupons for various food items and a bunch of other stuff. Yet I have never won a car nor a house and I'm still hoping to win both. Fingers crossed!
I have a few friends who love winning like I do and one of them is the reason for my addiction.
I love her so much! LOL! (She knows who she is.)
My number 1 rule is ... I only enter to win items that myself or someone in my family can use.
Selling your prizes is frowned upon.
It brings bad luck, so don't do it.
I post here on my blog, on twitter, sometimes pinterest, Google + and instagram.
Since this huge rash of fake Giveaways on Facebook, I have started a page there too.
Not all my posts on my fb page will be doubled on my blog, I don't see the point nor do I have the time so go like my page Legit Giveaways let me know how you found me or just say "hi".


  1. Not just on Facebook, unfortunately. Since I started entering giveaways, I followed one blogger whose links eventually gave my pc a virus. ugh.

  2. Yes that is one thing I always worried about entering contests online is a virus. I have also had some not send prizes I won about 3 times , even after back and forth emails to not avail. Thanks for the info

  3. You're right, there's giveaways and sweepstakes that give others a bad name. Sad that it happens. Congrats on all your wins!

  4. (The Fake Giveaways posted on Facebook) Oh, yeah we have all been there I'm sure. I like the jerks that have the ones where after entering your info, all of a sudden they annoy you with a billion phone calls. I always put down a fake phone number now!

  5. I thank you so much for the information on these fake giveaways. I see them all the time, and they make the whole industry go down. I thank you so much for the tips and pointers.