Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deal! Save up to 40% - 50% Off All Classes at CreativeLive!!

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Starting on Black Friday through to Cyber Monday at midnight , You can save up to 40% - 50% off on ALL CLASSES!!

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CreativeLive has hundreds of classes to choose from.

Everything from Business management, Social Media Networking, Photography, Adobo Photo Shop Pro, All kinds of crafts (Jewelry Making, Knitting, Etc). There's over 1,500 Different Classes on Photography, Art & Design, Music & Audio, Money & Life, and Crafts.

I love learning new things and have been a student of 2 CreativeLive Classes (Business Management & Sewing). I can tell you that the class instructors are Top Creative Professionals, considered some of the World's leading Experts. They are thorough, they answer all your questions and you forget that you're one of many students viewing the same live feed.

If you cannot attend a live class, catch up on demand! Classes can be viewed 24/7. You attend the class that best meets your own free time schedule, so you're not rushed and can take the time to really learn.

Check Out A Sample of CreativeLive's Classes.

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  1. This is really a great bargain and savings for those that want to learn knitting or a craft for themselves