NOOOOOO! Not this again!

I got a phone call around noon, from the elementary school, "come pick up Max, he's very sick. And bring a change of clothes!"

I get to the school, had just parked when my phone rings again. "Can you cover for Nita tonight? She called in sick." Not knowing what awaited me inside the school, I said "let me call you back."

We always need the extra money, so I rarely turn down a job when it comes my way. I call J at work and leave a message on his voice mail "I'm at the school picking up a sick Max. Patti just called and she wants me to work. Call me back when you get this, I need to tell her something soon." I had made it to the nurses office while walking on auto pilot, failing to notice the strong odor of sickness and bleach, nor did I notice the 5 little ones with green faces, all sitting in chairs outside the office. I walked in that room to discover shear chaos! Two nurses trying to care for at least 20 sick children,  one of which had locked himself in the bathroom and HE happened to be the one I was there to get. I knocked twice "Max, it's me sweetie, let me in." Was all it took . Max opened the door and I helped him put on his clean clothes.

We had just gotten in the car when the phone rings, it's the middle school. Three more are sick. I call Patti back and tell her I can't work. J can handle one or two sick kids, he cannot handle four. A second later, my mom is calling to tell me she's dying and demands I come hom right now! "I'll be there soon, mom. Don't go knock knock knocking on heavens door until I get there." Was my reply. Mother fails to find me funny in anyway and mumbles "Satan's spawn."  Then she ends the call.

Twenty minutes later, pull into the driveway and see J is home. Yay! Some help with the sickos.

J came home sick.
Everyone is sick except for Allegra, Alexie and myself.
Grandma Becky is still waiting on hip surgery, so she can't help in any way. I don't want to put her at risk by sending the girls over there to stay. All 3 of us have been eating vitamin C like crazy.

7 sick kids plus 2 adults - and this is the first chance I've had to sit down.  I'm exhausted. ...


  1. Oh dear lord I could not even imagine what you are going through Good luck!!

  2. Yes when everyone else gets sick mom gets it all dumped her her it seems tired or not. Mom always makes them better. Good luck

  3. Oh My! I would not be able to handle that many sick kids! Wishing you all get well soon.

  4. I feel your pain. We have all been sick and seem to keep passing it around. I hope you are all well for the Holidays.

  5. Wow thats a handful ! Being a mom is tough and it has not gotten any easier being a grandma