Happy New Year! 2017 Resolutions.

My resolutions for 2017 were all business related.


I've listed them below and completed all but a few.

1 - Make DivaSweeps.com a reality  (Done)

Of course, the page you see when you click that link is basic and under construction. <wink>

2 - Change email to divasweeps@gmail.com  (Done)

3 - Have better & more content for my readers!  (Work in Progress.)

I have a feeling that my 3rd resolution will always be a work in progress, however I have revised my niches. 

You can expect to see more Deals, Shopping, Original Content about my family life, Giveaways, Reviews  and maybe even a freebie or two. 

I'm not going to limit my site by claiming you will never read yadda yadda. If I feel like it's worth my readers knowing about it, I will post it.

I am going to be the only person posting on my blog this year. My family may help out with the social media platforms but my blog is ALL MINE.

This is my therapy.

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  1. (Happy New Year! 2017 Resolutions.) I am on day three of my 2017 new years diet. Have been eating nothing but homemade soups and cereal so far. Doing pretty good actually.