My Latest Wins & Update from Last 2 Wins

Good things come in 2's for me.

My 1st win was from a contest on Facebook. I received a coupon in the mail last week for a free box (8) Blue Bunny Ice Cream Sandwiches. We used the coupon the same day and bought the Birthday Cake Ice Cream Sandwiches. My opinion - Oh Em Geeee!! They were so good. Twice as big as other name brand ice cream sandwiches, sooo creamy and they tasted just like a birthday cake!! My family gave them 2 thumbs up, way up.

My 2nd win was from a Blog giveaway that I received yesterday. I won a 2 month trial membership to IndieFlix!!! Independent movies we can watch on our Roku (that I got from another win, last year). I was so stoked to enter this contest on the Mom Saves Money Blog, a 2 month free trial gives us the chance to see if this would be something that we would enjoy, before committing to a monthly or annual membership. I viewed a few trailers on the site before I entered the contest, I like to make sure that this was something that me and my family would enjoy. IndieFlix has literally thousands of movies, some are short movies (18 mins and less) others are long (Go as high as 200 mins or 3 hours 20 mins).
Do me a favor and go visit Mom Saves Money. She's got some sweet printable Q's on there (scroll down to June 20th)!! It's definitely a blog to bookmark.

I am so happy with both of these wins. YAY!! Both are things we have used and can use again and again.

Update from my last 2 wins

- I received the 5 free product coupons from Gorton's seafood (and all the other goodies). We used 2 of the coupons and bought a package of beer battered fish fillets and a box of popcorn shrimp. The same day we bought our seafood, we lost power for 12 hours after a really bad thunderstorm. When the power came back on around 5 am est, I started cooking both the fish and shrimp, since both were cold but completely thawed out. We had a seafood dinner for breakfast, complete with green beans and mashed potatoes (both of which also came from the freezer because they had thawed out, it was sooo hot that night!) I didn't get ANY complaints, the family was happy to be eating such yummy food!!

- I received the young scientist kit this past Wednesday. Clifford the Big Red Dog Kitchen Kit. It comes with a lot of activities including an exploding volcano!! I have plans for this kit, when the summer heat gets to be too much and we NEED to stay inside, is when I will pull out this box full of activities. My 2 littles are both 6 years old and they love things that are messy or things that have the potential to be messy. (and play doh, they love play doh even though I make the home made version of it. lol.) I see some fun times in the near future!!

Hope you all stay cool and have a great weekend!
I've got some contests to enter and share here on my blog.
Peace, love and chicken grease :)

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