Old Twitter Acct Hijacked by a JackRabbit

Like the title says, my old twitter account got hijacked, this morning. I was checking my email account that's associated with that twitter account, yes... it's the same email account that has been over run with junk mail, and I noticed where someone had replied to a tweet. I couldn't wait to see who had replied to a tweet since I had not tweeted since 2012. Lo and behold, It was some drivel, junky, crap with a suspicious link. My blood pressure went through the roof!!

I quickly signed into my old account and changed my password. Then I clicked on my tweets!! It started 7 hours ago and only approximately 40 tweets had been made. It could have been a lot worse if I wasn't so diligent about checking my emails. I have a little over 300 followers on that account, so not all of them got the stinky message, I feel bad for the 40 who did get it.

My nickname for people who do shady acts like hijacking my twitter account is "JackRabbit". It started when I realized that my potty mouth language was being picked up by little ears and repeated, when my (then) 2 year old niece called her sister a "axxhole" at church (of all places!!). Now, when my 6 yr old niece gets mad she will scream "You lousy JACKRABBIT!!!" and my embarrassment is considerably less knowing I have stunted her potential vulgar mouth.

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  1. Sorry to hear about your high jack . I can feel you when things like that happen. I often curse at the computer. Kids say things at the most embarrassing times. But Jack Rabbit is a much better one to say.