Great Products, Huge Discounts in Exchange for Reviews! 30-100% Off!

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If you're anything like me, getting a good deal is extremely important to your finances. I spend a lot of time comparison shopping, online and offline. 

I recently came across this website that advertised deals at 30% - 100% Off in exchange for Social Media Reviews.

 to be completely honest, I had my doubts about the validity of it all. I signed up over a month ago and forgot about it, until I opened one of their emails. That email just happened to be advertising an item that my son had said he wanted for his birthday  (Nov 2nd).

A hammock swing bed with mosquito netting.
At our local sporting goods warehouse, they want almost $70 for the exact same hammock! That's way too pricey in my book.
On this website (Amz☆Rc) for reviews they have it on Amazon for $49.99 but grab the 51% off Claim Code ($23 off) and it makes this hammock a steal at $26.99!!

I will happily write a review for the hammock  and post it here on my blog, after Dawson tries it out (in the backyard)!

The other 2 items I  bought are -

A Eagle Wing Unisex Bracelet.

Retails for on Amazon for $8.99
Claim Code and Get it 100% Off!
Final Price - FREE!
(My hubby J will love it!)
And the last item is a Sticker Wall Mural for Alexie & Allie's Bedroom - Unicorns!

It retails on Amazon for $63.96
Grab the Claim Code for 70% Off
Final Price - $19.19!!!

One thing to mention about this site, if you have never used it before (and something they fail to tell you on the site) is - It can take anywhere from a few minutes to several hours before your claim code request is approved. I requested claim codes for 3 products, 2 were sent to my inbox quick (within 2 minutes), The hammock claim code came after 3 hours! But gosh, I'm happy all the same.

Once you accept your claim code, click the Amazon link to the retail page, the price on the page will not look any different  (Example - The unicorn wall mural was still $63.96).
Click the checkout button.
After you confirm what address your item is being shipped to,  The next Page is where you find the Promotional Code link.
Click that link and paste your code in the box. That's when you will see your savings, before your checkout is completed.

If you have Amazon Prime, your shipping is Free!
In most cases, they charge you a small shipping charge if you don't have Amazon Prime. The overall savings makes it worth it, anyway!

If you have any questions,  leave me a comment and I'll try and help you any way I can.


  1. I'll have to check this out. I don't need many things so it might not be a good fit for me.

    slehan at juno dot com

  2. I wonder how has Amazon's ban on free/reduced price items in exchange for reviews affected this website?

  3. I read their new policy and it says to share reviews on any social media site, copy and paste your link where it was shared on their reporting links page. In big letters it says "DO NOT POST A REVIEW ON AMAZON". They still have a huge selection of items, so I'm not sure it has hurt them much.
    Posting Book reviews however, is another story when it comes to amazon. I recently reviewed a book that has a placeholder on Amazon but you can't purchase it yet, tried to post my review and amazon threatened my account. I sent a message to the publisher and they replied with "Don't tell them you got it free in exchange for a review". Really?!! I replied back with "I'll post my review the day this book is released for sale, best I can do. Considering the circumstances." The publisher doesn't give a hoot about me losing my amazon account, at all. I can get free books everywhere without stress attached. LOL.

  4. I really like that net, I think I could use that when I go camping, I hate it when bugs bother me lol..